La Hacienda Busuu

The HAcienda: a Spanish Learning Game

What happens when you arrive early for a Mexican fiesta? In Busuu’s Spanish Learning Game you arrive at a beautiful Mexican hacienda, are greeted by a telepresence robot, taught to speak some Spanish and asked to help the delightfully odd Mendoza family to get ready for the party! As you learn new Spanish phrases, you get to practice them out loud in conversations while you help the family to prepare for the fiesta. Speech recognition technology recognizes your voice and allows you to ask and answer questions in Spanish. And a Spanish dictionary allows you to revisit, repeat and practice each phrase in your own time. As you explore the hacienda, you might help Karla, the avid-collector, cook something for the fiesta; or pick out a party outfit for Daniel, the sensitive luchador, to wear. If Maria, the hacienda’s caretaker, doesn’t end the night in a puddle of her own tears, then you’ll know the party preparation was a great success!


The Hacienda

I was one of 3 artists that worked on the finishing art for this VR app made for occulus with Numinous Games. It was such fun to work on with it's vibrant color and lively artistic style. It was clear what the direction was, making it fun and rewarding to contribute.


This concept art was painted by Jordan Ray and was one of the major references for inspiration for building the world.

potted plants

Decoration props

Pantry Props

My Contributions

Above are some of the works that I contributed to the project; from stand alone unique assets to party decorations, and potted plants. I worked from simple non-colored sketches of ideas for props and modled and textured every asset to feel part of the world and style Numinous was diligently moving towaads.

The Trailer