Hand Painted Diner

Hand Painted Diner

I tasked myself with making a hand-painted diner the style of Against Gravity's Rec Room in Unity 2017 in 3 days. Specifically 3 days of 8 hours or the equivolant or 24 hours of work time.


Feature 1

Final Art.


The very first thing I did was look for visuals that I could use for reference as I started thinking about building the scene. First I looked for visuals Rec Room that that had heaver color contrast and vibrant lighting. There were many visuals of screen shots from it, but some I felt were much more moody and colorful. Those were the ones I pulled inspiration from. Then I looked up images of 50's era diners that either showed layouts I liked the feel of or color and lighting that I could see resembled some of Rec Room's Playful contrasts.  This took me about an hour. 

Day 1

On the first day, I used unity's simple blocks to create a scale and sense of interior space. Then I used those simple boxes and created Prefabs for future art implimentation. I was careful to keep the block's size to fit on a base 10 grid allowing me to make quick modular place holder for the windows and booths. That will help me later when i need to create varying pices for corners and doors. At this stage, I was pretty content with the size of the space for this pocket. 3 hours of work at this point.

Feature 3

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