out of gas

In an attempt to try and understand spacial awareness with a first person controller in Unity and better understand the Design to Art pipeline, I decided to create the interior space of the Serenity Firefly Cargo ship from the show/movie. I'm a huge fan of the series, and love looking at the references while trying to tackle abstract design problems. 


White Boxing

I began by placing simple geometry around the entire ship to get feel and flow of the interior space. I learned a lot about real world perameters and the visual constraints as well as the disconnect between them and fictional schematics. Originally, i started with the those exact perameters and found it to be very clostrophobic feeling. So I've changed most that.


Art Iteration

Once the blocking was laid out, I started replacing simple geometry with more sophisticated art. I wanted to see what it started to feel like with silhouette and if I space felt right, the art should only make it better.

Mood and Lighting

I started playing around with the mood and lighting as well. When the ship was in flight (especially in the original series), the cabin always had this "after hours" feel. Without the atmostphere of a planet it wouldn't feel illuminated or "day time". I really love messing around with these problems.