Renee Nejo

Unity Game Artist and Designer

Renee is an independent video game developer. She's been making games since 2010, and has worked on Ever Jane, Gravity Ghost, and her most recent passion project: Blood Quantum.

Ever Jane - The town of TyreHampton

These are screenshots from the enviroment of Ever Jane. Made with contributed works from Sarah Airington, Demi Du, Elise Motzney, and Steven Ekholm. 
I was solo on this project for the 1st 2 years, then about a year ago, 2 part time artists were added to the team.


Ever Jane - Modular Building Pack

Manor Set for Ever Jane

Antique Silver Chest Trunk - C1830 English Oak


Ever Jane -  Townhouse


Ever Jane - Horses

Ever Jane - Cottages

Ever Jane - Custom Character Pack

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Face shapes for Custom Character Creation

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Skin color texture swaps

Paris Cafe - Inspired from the Place de Clichy

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Building Angles

Architectural Environments and Assets

At Orcutt|Winslow, I contributed to Architectural Environments with one other graphics professional.

Future Knowledge Park-Chennai, India

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Sienna Rose Admitting and Patient Room

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